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Hemichromis lifalili
Lifalili Jewel Cichlid, Red Forest Jewel

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Name: Hemichromis lifalili
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Congo Basin
10 cm 80 L 7.5 26C


I got one of these Hemichromis lifalili mislabeled as the Hemichromis bimaculatus about 2 months ago and he has grown to 5+ cm long now. I've found that they are pretty similar in form and behavior. However, their flecks are green as opposed to the blue that is found in the jewel cichlid, and they have a deeper red shade than the jewel. My 3 jewels chased the lifalili around and they managed to almost wipe out his tail fin. That moment, I moved all of them to a 180 liter tank along with a blue acara. Now they are happy, and his fins are growing back too. He eats anything from pellets to blood worms, but, in the company of his jewel buddies, seemed to relish the 10 zebra danios best. I was shocked to see all of them missing and there was only one possible reason. These guys are sure shot predators. :)

Contributed by Ramanujam

Very easy fish to breed. The female goes a bright red when she is about to breed (separate both male and female into a breeding tank at this stage) and will lay eggs on large rocks or dig a hole in the gravel. Both male and female are great parents. I found them to be a mostly passive fish outside of breeding time.

Contributed by Spook

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