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Danio choprai
Glowlight Danio, Choprae Danio

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Danio_choprai_1.jpg (34kb)
Photo Credit: Alex Kawazaki

Name: Danio choprai
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Northern Myanmar
3 cm 40 L 6.8 24C


One of my all time favorite fish. Unfortunately I lost my first groups to jumping; they found even the one inch opening where I had removed the plastic hinge from the glass top (I have a heavily planted tank and wanted nothing blocking the light set-ups). I came to believe it was my large Congo tetras, with their mad dashing about, which startled them too much. I now keep a group of twelve in their own 75 liter tank. They're doing quite well, but they are still quite shy and love to swim and hide amongst the dense plantings.

Contributed by Kate P.

These are among my favorite fish, right up there with celestial pearl danios. I have a few that I hope to eventually breed. I've never seen them in local shops, but they're not to hard to find online. They haven't been in the trade for to long so maybe one day they will become more common.

Contributed by Casey

These are very active, peaceful and beautiful fish. They never stop, even at 2:00 am with moonlight on I can see them swiming around the tank. Trying to take a photo of them could be a real pain. Danios are prone to jumping, so do not fill your tank to the top. I have 9 of them in 100 liter tank with Odessa barbs and Redfin shark. Initially I had 8, lost 1 due to jumping, then unbeknown to me some danio spawned and 2 fry survived. Other fish do not bother these danios, they are too quick even for barbs. Males tend to change colour for spawning or when asserting dominance in the tank. They become darker, with bright middle-line.

Contributed by Zing

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