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Fossorochromis rostratus

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Fossorochromis_rostratus_1.jpg (29kb)
Photo Credit: Ubiratã Braga

Name: Fossorochromis rostratus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
25 cm 400 L 8.0 27°C


This is a beautiful fish which is quite independent. I keep it with many other cichlid species and it shows no agressiveness. This cichlid is quite peaceful and is also constantly picking and digging sand with its mouth.

Contributed by Patricio Ramalhosa

I've grown up a group of F. rostratus for a few years and they are a very interesting cichlid. They are always swimming back and forth in my tank and have shown no real aggression to other tankmates. I have 2 males and 3 females in a 470 liter tank with other peacocks and haps. When the male hit 15 cm, he assumed the position of king of the tank. Even though he's shown no real aggression towards other tankmates, they stay out of his way. So far no breeding activity, but I believe this may be coming soon. I'd recommend these to anyone with a tank like mine or larger and would advise to get a group of at least 6-8, as they seem to like to swim together.

Contributed by Aaron Alcantar

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