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Panaque sp.
Flash Pleco, L204

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Flash_Pleco_L204_1.jpg (57kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Panaque sp.
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Peru
13 cm 60 L 7.0 26C


I bought two of these plecos recently under the name Emperor Pleco. The contrast and pattern of their stripes make them VERY striking. They are by far the best looking pleco's I have ever seen. They are fun to watch as well, when feeding on algae wafers they can get quite feisty...if other fish come around they hold their fins tall and charge the fish with short bursts of speed, then quickly hide, then go back to feeding, then repeat over and over.

Contributed by John Bird

I've had an L204 for almost a year. Mine's a male. Males have more hair on their upper body and heads. He's been a very hardy pleco, having been moved between tanks until I finally got a 280 L tank for his permanent home. I've seen them called Flash Pleco and Emperor pleco. Mine was listed at my LFS as a Tiger pleco, but that seems to be an uncommon name for the L204. He's very secretive and prefers to hide, if allowed. When I've had wood in the tank that forms a cave, he would stay hidden inside all the time. However, when the only wood available are branches that do not form a cave, he will readily stay on that wood where he can be easily seen and enjoyed.

I agree they do get feisty and territorial with their food, but mine hasn't hurt any of my fish or Amano shrimp. He mainly charges at them to scare them away. Mine loves algae wafers, zucchini and cucumbers. He's also a wood eater and requires wood in order to digest his food properly. The L204 does not eat algae in the tank. Other than the occasional protection of an algae wafer, he's a very peaceful fish that does well in a community tank. He should grow to about 13 cm so he remains a good size for most medium to large size tanks. The most striking feature of the L204 is the tail. It is truly beautiful! The stripes all over his body are very straight, symmetrical and contrast sharply against his black body. Overall, a wonderful addition to the tank.

Contributed by Vicki

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