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Aspidoras pauciradiatus
Fin Blotch Cory Cat, Aspy Cat

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aspy3.jpg (12kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Aspidoras pauciradiatus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Rio Negro, Brazil
4 cm 40 L 6.8 25C


This fish is a must to any person with a tank that does not like the vacuuming of the gravel bed, even though you must remove some water to get ride of nitrite and nitrate. If you get about one to every two or three gallons then you will be fine as to having them clean your tank. They do best in pairs or three or more if you can. They are also an early warning sign if anything goes wrong in the water quality, just watch their gills and if the breathing is slow and deep then your water is okay, if not then you might have an amonia problem or the like. Even though they are hardy, they are usally the first to react. Also, they are always hungry. They are non agressive and very hardy. You do have to be careful not to stress them too much, or they will loose apetite and you will have excess food on the bottom of your tank. One caution though, you must not have very sharp rocks or decorations in the tank, because they have been known to injure their tiny little mouths on things. They are also really playful and amusing to see them chase their reflection.

Contributed by Jack Estes

I have two of the fin blotch aspy cats. They like to hang out together a lot. Therefore I have nicknamed the first one we got Cory and the second one Shadow. Together they eat most all of the flakes and pellets that fall to the ground. They are always looking for food.

Contributed by Shea Brohm

These little guys are quite active, constantly vacuuming the tank floor in search of food. They're actually convenient, as they pick up what left over food has drifted to the bottom.

Contributed by Alainn Iasg

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