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Danio nigrofasciatus
Spotted Danio, Dwarf Danio

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Photos & Comments

Danio_nigrofasciatus_1.jpg (13kb)
Danio nigrofasciatus male (top) and female
Photo Credit: JosÚ Bentes

Name: Danio nigrofasciatus
Origin: Burma

Size Tank pH Temp
4 cm 40 L 7.0 27░C


I found these lovely fish excellent to keep, but, when I thought one had died because it had disappeared, I found it stuck behind my filter 4 days after it went missing. I unstuck the filter and it swam free, despite having torn and bleeding fins, and a huge gash on its belly, it is now swimming hardy, and is now recovering nicely with no treatment. How amazing!

Contributed by Georgie

I caught 6 of these fishes when my school took us to a trip to Panchghag. It is located near Ranchi in India. When I brought them and put them in my tank they filled life in my tank. I still have 2 left. I caught them when I was in 5th grade and presently I'm in 10th grade. So the 2 of them alive are 5 years old in my tank. Others died after spending 1 year in my 75 liter tank.

Contributed by Sahaj Ranajee

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