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Dario dario (Badis bengalensis)
Scarlet Badis, Red Badis, Bengal Dario

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Photo Credit: Heidge Fukumasu

Name: Dario dario
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India
2 cm 30 L 7.0 26C


My LFS had got around a hundred of these fish. His supplier had told him that these were a local indigenous species in India. He had incorrectly identified them as a dwarf cichlid species. I picked up 3 pairs and released them into a heavily planted outdoor 65 litre aquarium. They looked real cute and colourful; darting between the plants. their only other companions were 3 kuhlii loaches. I fed them on a diet of almost exclusively tubifex. I had them for over a year; before I traded them with a friend. I miss my little cuties and am now pestering my LFS to get me a few pairs. Unfortunately they have not appeared in any of the outlets for a long time. Although they are a native species here; we do not see them often enough in the store.

Contributed by Christopher D'Lima

I first got a pair of Badis Bengalensis about two years ago and they have become, by far, my favorite fish in my community tank. They are curious, smart, and seem like the clown fish of the freshwater world. My Badis get along very well with the other fish in my tank, and act like big fish in a little fish's body. One of my males took to eating flake food, though he does not prefer it. I do not recommend a flake diet for this fish though. Frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp work fine, and live would be even better. In my experience, the Badis are territorial with one another, and the dominant male will starve out smaller Badis in small aquariums (even the females). Lots of caves and plants should be present. The males are beautifully striped red with iridescent blue, while the females are pale and greenish.

Contributed by a visitor

I never expected to see these fish in Australia, but a chance vist to a LFS ended up with me leaving with 2 pairs. Seems to be a fair bit of confusion with regard to these fish. I was told they were a cave breeder...the male building a bubblenest in a cave and guarding the eggs...but further research and personal experience has shown this is not the case. Badis species spawn this way, but these fish are not Badis...They are Dario genus and they spawn amongst plants, with males embracing females like a betta. What ever you want to call them, they are beautiful little fish.

Contributed by Rod Smith

I recently visited my favourite pet store and found these little guys hiding out in a tank with some Killi fish. They were sold to me as Badis Badis, but on further research, they are the scarlet version. These guys are great in my tank! I have 4 - two males who constantly challenge each other and flare their fins, and two much smaller uncolored ones which I think may be females. They are a great addition to a tank that is lacking something exciting in the bottom of the tank. Very peaceful, cute and fun!

Contributed by Anita

I innocently put a betta into the tank with one of these guys and found the betta shredded and dead the next morning. The scarlet badis died not long after too (he looked quite beat up too). I couldn't believe it and was devastated as I'd loved both fish. So don't make the same mistake I did.

Contributed by Jessica Thomas

This fish is very active! My LFS recently got some of these little guys and I picked a few up. They are so cool to watch and will readily take live brine. They are cool and cichlid like, but they are very small. I suggest a single species tank only.

Contributed by Jake M.

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