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Cyrtocara moorii (Haplochromis moori)
Malawi Blue Dolphin Cichlid, Hump-Head Cichlid

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Cyrtocara_moorii_2.jpg (17kb)
Photo Credit: David Midgley

Name: Cyrtocara moorii
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi
20 cm 300 L 8.2 25C


I have one of these fish in my 220 litre African Cichlid Community. He (or she, it's hard to tell with these guys) is living with a large Electric Blue (male) a pair of Electric Yellows, a male Sulphur Crest, 2 Dickfeldi Julies, a P. Electra, a Firebird Peacock (Jacobfreibergi), a Frontosa, an Msuli Point, and a young bristlenose catfish. He's very peaceful towards ALL the other fish, and I have only ever seen him flare at another fish once, and he was half asleep then! :-) He never eats more than he needs, and yet is always the first one to the top when it's feeding time! He's a really interesting, cool fish to watch, and I would recommend them to anyone who has a large African Cichlid tank!

Contributed by Zach Garry

These fish are indeed extaordinary. They can get to 25 cm and get along with most everything. We have ours in a large tank with Frontosas and they get along wonderfully. They keep the more subdued Fronts feeling safe, as these fish are constantly swimming about. Having these fish for several years now has never given me cause for regret ever.

Contributed by Dave

I have a breeding group of 7 Moorii's in a 450 L aquarium. These fish bred the first night I put them in the tank and haven't stopped yet! Although they can be expensive, you'll get your money back in no time through all the fry. I have found them to be very peaceful fish that can be put with anything. Avoid putting them with highly aggressive fish as they tend to become stressed easily. A holding female will often spit if she is stressed, so when I catch one to strip I wait until early in the morning and catch her when she is tired. Even then they sometimes spit when I have them in the net. This fish is also very hardy and can withstand some pretty tough water conditions, but you must, like all fish, be careful not to change conditions too often or they will become stressed and diseased. A good fish for all skill range, I highly recommend it.

Contributed by Will Sumner

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