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Corydoras sodalis
Sodalis Cory Cat

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cory2.jpg (39kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Corydoras sodalis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: South America
5 cm 60 L 7.3 25C


The various "cory" species of catfish are some of the most attractive and easy to keep of the smaller catfishes, average size being about 5 cm (2"). They are not solitary fish and will thrive in groups of four or five. They are also quite happy to rub shoulders with their cousins, for example, at the moment I have a group consisting of three Bronze Cory's, three Peppered Cory's and two Panda Cory's, all grouping together quite happily. In the wild these fish breed during rainy seasons so increasing the frequency of water changes (especially if the new water is slightly cooler) will mimic the rainy season and often prompt the fish to spawn. Look for clusters of quite large eggs attached to plant leaves, or more often, plastered onto the glass tank walls. Highly recommended as an active and interesting fish for the community tank.

Contributed by Ken Walley

This cory is very similar to other cories. It is an eating machine, hardy, and a good indicator fish. The only problem with this species is that the color of their skin matches that of natural gravel almost perfecty and you must be careful when moving things in your tank because they are easy to miss.

Contributed by Jack Estes

This Corydoras catfish is indeed a very useful and interesting fish. It cleans up any leftover food really well and seemed to eat almost anything. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a community tank.

Contributed by Gary Lim

I absolutely adore Cories. They are very good community fish. I've kept mine as a pair for quite a while with a school of neon tetras and they go very well together. They can also be kept with kribs and platies. They've provided much entertainment, because my kribs have staked out a little canvern under a piece of driftwood in my tank and the cories annoy them by playing hide and seek among the driftwood branches.

Contributed by Caleigh Adams

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