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Corydoras schwartzi
Schwartz's Cory Cat

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Corydoras_schwartzi_2.jpg (17kb)
Photo Credit: Joćo Pompei

Name: Corydoras schwartzi
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Rio Purus (Brazil)
5 cm 50 L 6.8 24°C


This Cory is the only type I have and he is an eating machine!!! Named him "Hoover"! Great so far in a community tank and has done a great job keeping excess food from building up on bottom. He is a little shy though and doesn't like to be watched. Moves around during the light hours but when the lights go out he roams around the tank looking for more food. Would suggest a little unoccupied hide out for him though, because the one I have likes to hide when not active. Will also eat pellets if excess food on bottom is not in abundance.

Contributed by (no name given)

These fish are a great fish to have around. They clean up excess food, are peaceful, hardy and cool looking. They also do not need much space. They can be a great indicator fish because if they have rapid breathing, then you have a water problem. This does not mean that they aren't hardy, but it does mean that they are the first to react.

Contributed by Jack Estes

Right now I have 5 corys, three albinos and two of these. Corys are shoaling fish and must be kept in groups of at least 3.

Contributed by Diane Otis

I have had one of these corys for about a month now. He lives with an albino rainbow shark, a peppered cory, a panda cory, two female guppys and a molly. He is very brave as he and the peppered cory are the only two who ignore the shark when he charges at them and even go and sit in his cave! I love watching him suck up brine shrimp from between the gravel like spaghetti!

Contributed by Danielle

When I set up my first tropical tank, it was recommended to me that I keep a couple of cory's. This I did, buying 2 pandas and 1 of these guys. They were undoubtedly as highlight in the tank, especially the Schwartz's Cory! It was fascinating to watch them bustle around for any morsel of food, (they'll clean up the bottom and on occasion swim to the top to steal some flakes) and then suddenly with no warning dart up to the top of the tank for a gulp of air. That cory has since moved on to a friend's tank, but is still doing fantastically! I have recently begun setting up another community tank (60 cm) that up 'til this point includes neon tetras, long-finned zebra danios, and (of course) 1 Schwartz's Cory! I agree with the top comment in that Corys in my experience do like a bit of downtime away from the action, so it is necessary to give them space to have a little home to rest in. These fish are really fascinating, and I feel that no peaceful community aquarium is quite complete without one.

Contributed by Gareth Phillips

I started out my tank with this cory and a few platys. Unfortunately I lost the platys to the dreaded Ich, but the cory kept on going. It is an eating machine and spends most of his time trolling along the bottom in search of morsels missed by the new set of platys (which are also doing great). Cory is very good at keeping the rocks and sides of the tank clean. I love watching it wiggle along the sides of the tank eating scum that I can't even see. It is certainly responsible for the tank being so clean and clear. I would recommend them for starting out because they're so hardy and keep the tank clean. Mine is particulary friendly and rarely ever hides. I think it is even disappointed at times that the green paint on the decorative rock isn't scum! When he does find the occasional piece of food between the rocks it's quite interesting to watch him dig it out.

Contributed by a visitor

We have recently upsized from our first tank (30 L) to a new 150 litre tank. We had 3 Cory Schwartzi in the small tank, but decided to increase the shoal to 6 in their new home. The change in behaviour has been remarkable. The original 3, who were quite shy and inactive, have joined forces with the new arrivals and now they spend all day chugging round the tank, heads down, tails up digging in the gravel. They look so much happier that I wonder if the suggestion from our pet shop of a minimum of 3 is too few.

Contributed by Martin Beard

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