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Corydoras panda
Panda Cory Cat

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Photo Credit: Fiffy

Name: Corydoras panda
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon
5 cm 50 L 7.0 24C


Panda cories are great fish! I have has my school of 5 for almost a year now with 4 cherry barbs, 1 neon, 1 dwarf gourami, 3 honey gouramies, 1 kuhli loach, 1 african dwarf frog, 1 siamese algae eater, 1 amano shrimp, 2 cherry shrimp and a fan shrimp. They are full grown at 5 cm now. They are in an 80 liter. They are very playful and great cleaners.

Contributed by Tommy

We have four of these endearing little fellows in a 120 L, along with four Otos, various Tetras, and a pair of Golden Rams. They are a superb addition to any peaceful community tank. It should be noted though, these fish are not scavengers as sometimes quoted. They appreciate a varied and nutritous diet. Besides sinking pellets, ours are particularly partial to frozen foods, especially bloodworm. Pandas also suffer quickly in the hands of poor water quality. As for character, these little guys are packed full. Ours go from a leisurely swim around at lights on, to full-on 'rough and tumble' at lights out. Our Pandas are by far the most amusing, endearing, and lovable fish in our tank. These guys do like to dig around though, so substrate should be carefully considered. Anything even remotely sharp will damage their barbles. Which can easily lead to infection. A Cory without barbles can neither smell food or, if male, mate. If you have the patience to give these colourful characters the environment they need, you will surely be rewarded.

Contributed by Rob Boardman

Panda cories are really docile from my experience and easy to spawn (supposedly it's hard but I find it extremely easy). They breed readily when you do a water change to bring down the temperature slightly and feed a variety of food. The babies come out bigger than many other fish, but the yield is low because the eggs are BIG for fish, and the parents will most likely eat the babies or the eggs unless the tank is heavily planted. I find it very easy to raise up the babies, nothing was done except water changes. They just feed on infusoria, and eat whatever they can get their mouth on after they grow a little under 1 cm. These fish will grow to about 5-6 cm.

Contributed by a visitor

On Sunday April 29, 2007, one of my two Panda Cories died. I introduced them to my 40 L tank in September, 1998. For more than eight and a half years these two cories popped along the bottom of the tank, a delight to watch. When not moving, they were usually snuggled side by side, even as one started to fail a few days ago. The other three fish seem well.

Contributed by Nick Haddad

I have been keeping panda cories for about 3 years now with fancy guppies and neon tetras. I find that they do best when kept in groups of 3 or more. Mine will have glass cleaning contests where 3 or 4 males will swim rapidly up and down the front glass of the aquarium while my females watch. I also find them swimming into the bubble stream from my bubble stone. They seem to think it is like a thrill ride. I also catch them playing leap frog and tag all over the tank. They will even swim freely throughout the middle of the tank and chase a neon. With my pandas it's the more the merrier kinda mindset.

Contributed by Mary Taylor

I have two of these little guys. They are in my 100 L tank and they're doing a great job of keeping my gravel clean. They keep to themselves and don't bother any of my other fish, so I recommend they to everyone. Easy to take care of and they keep your tank looking nice.

Contributed by James Lee

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