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Corydoras paleatus
Peppered Cory Cat

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Photo Credit: Kapenta Kid

Peppered cories are just great. I have three of them and they have such a great personality. They regularly stay at the bottom of the tank, so when feeding them I suggest food that sinks. They are great with community fish and don't pick on smaller fish. Also I recommend that you get at least three to start with, because they are quite shy at first so they need a group to develop their personality.

Contributed by Jack Tokarski

I have four peppered cories in my 75 liter tank. Their tank mates are 2 Dwarf Gourami's, 6 Rasboras, and 6 Neons. The cories are actually my favorites in the tank. They are very active, always scurrying around the tank looking for food, and they usually stick in a group. I will always include these in tanks I set up from now on.

Contributed by Andrew Stoeber

I've had one of these guys for about a year with a Corydoras julii, tetras, a plecostomus and angel fish. They do well in a pH 7 and 24C parameters of my 100 liter tank. I was able to buy him at a small pet shop in Washington State, USA, so he is probably not too hard to get ahold of.

Contributed by Joel

I have 7 peppered cories in a 120 litre tank with some pearl gouramis. I'd advise keeping at least 4-6 of them to see the full range of their behaviour. They're a very playful fish and love to chase eachother in and out of the plants around the tank. They take flake and frozen foods well, but seem to have a liking for bloodworm and daphnia more than most foods. This is a fish I'd advise keeping to anyone as they are fascinating to watch and keep.

Contributed by Jennifer

I bought 6 wild caught pepper cory cats about 6 months ago. Already they have spawned twice and I have a few little cory kittens running around the bottom of my tank. I keep them with 2 barbs and 12 Endlers in a planted 100 L tank. They seem to be happy and often scavenge together as a group.

Contributed by Myrna

I've had two Peppered Cories for about five months now, and I must say, they've changed my view on catfish. I'd heard that they'd spend quite a bit of time hiding and staying under cover -- no one told my guys that! They started vacuuming around for scraps as soon as I put them in the tank. My Neons and Betta were fascinated by them, and spent the rest of the day mimicking them :). They're wonderful at keeping the bottom of the tank tidy, and love sifting through the leaves of my Hygro for morsels of food. I'd definitely recommend any species of Cory to someone who wanted beautiful, fascinating fish that can keep a tank tidy, so long as you have the room for a small school of them!

Contributed by Caiti M

Several months ago, I was looking for some catfish to clean up the bottom of my tank and decided to go with the Pepperd Cory. I purchased three (one female and two males). I am now up to 26 cories. Thank God I have a big enough tank. My female still continues to spawn eggs which I carefully try to place into a floating breeding net tank and this is not an easy task! I do have about 14 fry in the net now as I write this. I love these little guys and hate to give them up, but I am gonna have to find some great homes for them (friends and family).

Contributed by Rick White

I had 2 of these guys when I first set up a fish tank 12 years ago. I loved them and knew I had to get some again. I set up a planted 200 L tank with sand. I bought 5 of them and they are just as much fun as I remember. Sure they are not colorful, but they are clowns. Always on the move and little vacuum cleaners. I love them and will always have a soft spot for them. Really must keep in groups of 3 or more.

Contributed by Sarah

I had 6 of these little guys scurrying round are 260 L tank for over a year. We did not intend to breed them, just if they did they did, We got them as tank cleaners along with the Plecs. This morning I cleaned the external filter out and to my complete surprise the was the baby Cory swimming around the media. It was only just the right size to put in the main tank it is smaller than any I have seen before in any pet shop.

Contributed by Marc

I have 4 Peppered Corys in a peaceful community aquarium. Two of them are never more than 5 cm from each other (I'm guessing they are a pair) they can be cleaning or playing, but never leave each other. Another one is pretty solitary, spending most of its time cleaning. The fourth spends about half its time cleaning and the other half schooling with my Rasboras! These aren't the prettiest of fish, but they are amazing to watch and a welcome addition to any community aquarium.

Contributed by Nick

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