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Corydoras melini
Diagonal-Stripe Cory Cat, False Bandit Cory Cat

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Corydoras_melini_1.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: Flavio Carvalho

Name: Corydoras melini
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Rio Meta (Colombia)
6 cm 60 L 7.0 26C


I have a trio of false bandit cory cats and love them! I originally had them in my 40 L community tank with cardinal tetras, but I never saw them. They lived inside a pagoda decoration and seemed to rarely come out, if ever. I was worried about them, so moved them to my planted 100 L tank. They are so much happier there! I put the exact same pagoda decoration in the 100 L and they ignore it completely. They now swim about, eat and clean the bottom of the tank, and sleep in the base of the plants. I love how they like to be in a pile, zero personal space. They are a wonderful addition to any tank. I would highly recommend them for a larger tank, and in numbers of 3 or more. I would love to have a couple more, or to raise the fry o this wonderful, peaceful fish.

Contributed by Yosa Addiss

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