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Common Plecos (Suckermouth Catfish)

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Photo Credit: Shannon Hernandez

The cat fish I have in India is now about 60 cm in length and is already 14 years old . As it had grown too big for the glass tank I had transfered it to a 1500 Liters out door cement tank about 9 years back the fish has stopped growing and hardly eats any thing now it is also very docile but still alive and fine

Contributed by Mathew James

I moved 3 years ago, and I have a number of large tanks. It took a whole day to dismantle the tanks and prepare everyone for the move. I was concerned with all of my fish being in bags for so long, so I put the fish in styrofoam coolers. It worked great! In the confusion, I forgot to bring 2 large plecos that were in separate containers. I was not able to go back for 36 hours and I thought for sure they were dead - no fresh oxygen, food or moving water. But to my delight, they were fine, anxious of course, and have continued to be happy. One is 7 years old, and the other is about 12 years old. I call them my cast iron fish!

Contributed by Colleen T.

I love my pleco. I purchaced him when he was about 3 cm or so long. Now after 10 years he has grown to about 43 cm. To this day he fights off the large oscars and he seems to have something against my jack dempsey. When the jack is being aggressive toward the other 2 oscars, the pleco seems to always come to the oscars' rescue and chases the dempsey away. It is definitely a worthwhile fish. I did have one smaller identical pleco, and they constantly fought. Eventually one day the smaller pleco was dead. I am presuming he just got pestered to death. They did manage to live in peace for about 9 months though. I have a 280 L tank right now but will soon be upgrading to a 470 L or larger to accommodate the oscars, dempsey and the pleco.

Contributed by Brad

My 23 cm pleco (Ivan) has to be my favorite fish. He started out in my 40 L tank and is now in his 200 L tank. The tank is his and he makes sure every one else knows it. He is completely nocturnal and sleeps in a fairly large cave. He shares it with a talking catfish during the day. If anyone else goes in there while he is trying to sleep, they literally get shoved out and he makes sure they don't come back in. He loves zucchini. I cut one decent sized one into thirds then cut them in half and he consumes it all. As soon as the light goes out he comes out and sits where I put it and waits for his zucchini.

Contributed by Joshua

I have a 100 L tank with two Plecos; one common, one clown. I must say these guys are the most entertaining fish Iíve ever owned! When I first got the common a year ago, now 12 cm, he would sit at the corner of the tank nearest to me and just stare off into infinity (comprehending the meaning of life or something). I used to enjoy these little visits...until I had to fish him out to replace the gravel for the first time. Now, whenever he sees me approach, heís all fins trying to get to his secret hiding cave. One of the things you should know before getting one of these guys is that they grow strong! When he gets frantic, large ceramic ornaments will sometimes become tipped and tossed if he wedges himself in a tight area. Keep in mind how powerful and fast these guys can become! Sometimes on these little panics of his, he will plow straight into the little clown Pleco (his cave-mate, if you will) often sending him flying (great fun)!

Contributed by Erik

I have had my pleco Edward for over 18 years. He's a beautiful fish and has been through a lot with me. He loves to float upside down and eat zucchini from his driftwood and I swear he loves I Love Lucy. Every time that show is on he faces toward the television.

Contributed by Kellie

I have a common pleco that is 2 years old, already 25 cm long, and his name is Spazz. When he was little, if any fish came near him, even a small Imperial Tetra, he would bolt around the tank like he was scared. Now he doesn't mess with any of the fish, and doesn't move when they come by. He'll bump them off of something he wants to eat (except zucchini, which he doesn't care for - imagine that!). I used to think all fish were the same: simple-minded, cold-blooded, and just for amusement. Since I've had Spazz, I've noticed that all of my fish have certain quirks that make them unique. Plecos are awesome fish, and yes, they do poop a lot.

Contributed by Marie Talk

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