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Colisa labiosa (Trichogaster labiosus)
Thick-Lipped Gourami

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Photos & Comments

Colisa_labiosa_1.jpg (20kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Colisa labiosa
Origin: Burma, India

Size Tank pH Temp
9 cm 100 L 6.8 25C


A beautiful little gourami, which I enjoyed keeping more so than any other gourami. Much hardier than than most dwarf varieties and extremely easy to breed. I much prefer the normal variety as opposed to the orange variety. The standard variety has brilliant breeding colours , which are a lovely surprise as the males can seem fairly drab normally. The females are an olive colour, the normal strain has markings much like a banded gourami (Colisa fasciata). Another scientific name for the thick lipped gourami is Colisa labiosa.

Contributed by Fox M

These fish are probably my favorite gourami to date. I've only had them for about a month, and since then they have grown noticibly. When I got them (there's two), they were both 5 cm long, and since then the male (which I didn't know was a male at the time) grew to 8 cm, with the female growing to 7 cm so far. I have them housed in a 110 liter aquarium, along with a around 18 Gambusia senilis (Blotched gambusia), two Dwarf Gouramies (male and female), two platies, and two horsehead loaches. Unlike most Trichogaster gouramies I've had in the past, these seem by far more peaceful. They act like the rulers of the tank, yet they never actually attack any other fish. I suppose that this is true mainly because they are the largest things in the tank, and all the other fish (aside from the dwarf gouramies) move out of the way when they pass by. Personally, I think these are one of the more odd species of gourami since - just now - I witnessed my male one (whose name is Richter, by the way) do a couple of barrel rolls by the female. I'm not too familiar with this species' breeding habits, so I don't know if that display has anything to do with it. I highly recommend this fish for a community tank (though I can't say how they will react with larger fish).

Contributed by Reid

I have two of these. At first they always hid behind anything they could find, but after getting used to me they come to the glass to say hello and even pick food from my fingers and swim by my hand when it's in the tank. Not aggressive at all, actually quite the opposite. I have had them with neons, tetras, snails and kribensis and they have always been peaceful. Highly recommended for any fish hobbyist!

Contributed by Christine

Thick lip gouramis are very slow moving and love to hide in places so a well planted aquarium or a cave will do well. A must for the thick lip gourami (and for all gouramies) is that it should not be mixed with fin nippers as its long fins are vulnerable. They will take a variety of foods including frozen, prepared and live foods. These fish are fantastic community fish and will get along easily with most fish (except fin nippers).

Contributed by James

This is a wonderful fish. I have 6 of these in my 280 L planted tank. It's a treat to watch them play in the tank. They are not at all aggressive and readily takes all types of foods. They are the hardiest of all the dwarf gouramis available in my opinion.

Contributed by Abhirup

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