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Cichlasoma salvini
Salvin's Cichlid, Yellow Belly Cichlid

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Photos & Comments

Cichlasoma_salvini_1.jpg (15kb)
Cichlasoma salvini female. Photo Credit: Jeff Rapps

Name: Cichlasoma salvini
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize
22 cm 400 L 7.0 25C


I have been keeping the Salvin's cichlid now for over three years. It is now 15 cm in length. It lives in my 300 litre aquarium very happily with my Texas cichlid, 3 green terrors, 1 convict cichlid and 2 banded barbs. I release a bunch of feeding guppies into the tank weekly as well as daily feedings of tubifex and spirulina granules alternately. The tank has been planted with banana plants and other large leaved tough plants. The Salvin's cichlid gets better colour if the tank is planted. The colours are just fantastic and the fish is not so aggressive if well fed.

Contributed by Christopher D. Lima

I had a pair of these beautiful fish, but I soon learned that they were not for just anyone, especially when they were starting to breed. They did not back down from any size tankmate: oscars, dempseys and even red devils. These guys were meant to be kept with faster moving fish, giant danios, black tetras, and tiger barbs.

Contributed by Miles Hayne

One of my all time favorites. If given a chance to acquire a territory, they are more than capable of defending themselves. A beautiful fish, whose best colors come out when you maintain great water conditions. Can be a bully towards smaller fish. I have mine in with motaguenses, red terrors, midas and a large umbriferum. They are all twice her size and she can hold them off extremely well. Highly recommended.

Contributed by J Gon

I just found out why my red devil has been acting unusually aggressive and my new salvini has been so reclusive. They mated! I found the fry in my tank this morning. I can't believe that they can mate! I thought they had to be at least the same species or genus.

Contributed by Jessica

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