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Cichla monoculus
Mono Pike Cichlid, Mono Peacock Bass, Tucunare

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Cichla_monoculus_1.jpg (26kb)
Photo Credit: Tim Leith

Name: Cichla monoculus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon Basin
70 cm 800 L 7.0 27C


My two boys were about the size of my little finger when I got them. They grew and grew and grew. After a while I had no choice but to trade them, another of those childhood dreams a saratoga. They were fed quite generously, a local friend had plenty of goldfish he was happy to part with just for the feeding show. Also cichlid pellets, ones with colour enhancer, they had no problem with those. I believe they had quite a bit to do with the fantastic colours I yielded from these beauties.

Contributed by Tim

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