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Cichla kelberi
Kelberi Pike Cichlid, Kelber's Peacock Bass, Tucunare

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Cichla_kelberi_1.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Bruno Roncolato

Name: Cichla kelberi
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon Basin
70 cm 800 L 7.0 27C


I have two 50 cm males sharing a 5700 liter aquarium with a 40 cm Peacock Bass, a 38 cm male Jaguar Cichlid, a 50 cm male Wolf Cichlid and a 45 cm Pleco. Amazingly enough they are not the most aggressive fish in my aquarium. My Jaguar Cichlid is, although he's the smallest out of the fish he's the toughest. If anything gets in Mr. Jaguar's way he'll rip them apart with his razor-sharp teeth. My 2 Kelberi get on great with all the other fish. I feed them 10 cm live Goldfish, which they quickly gulp down. They are fantastic, relatively peaceful (for a cichlid) and big fish, but need a big aquarium

Contributed by Adam

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