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Chitala blanci
Royal Knifefish, Indochina Featherback

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Chitala_blanci_1.jpg (35kb)
Photo Credit: Miguel Prado

Name: Chitala blanci
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Mekong basin (Asia)
120 cm 1000 L 7.2 27C


I have a royal clown knife in my 560 L tank with oscars and various oddballs, including a black snakehead, fire eel and sun cat. He stays in his clay pipe a lot of the time, but now that he's getting bigger he will come out more, especially at feeding time! He's a bit nervous at times though. He has grown from 15 cm to around 25 cm in 4 months and he doesn't get bullied by the oscars anymore! When I upgrade to a 680 L tank soon he will have a lot more room to swim around in. These are lovely fish that are not too aggressive, although they can hold their own with most other large fish. Mine eats whitebait, shrimp, cockle, mussel, baby octopus, etc.

Contributed by Paul Deadman

I have had a Royal Knifefish for 3 years now he is in a 1100 liter display tank with 4 Tinfoil Barbs, 3 Distichodus, 3 Black Pacus, 1 Bala Shark, 1 Leopard Ctenopoma, 1 Elephant Nose, 1 Sailfin Plecostomus and a Bagrid Catfish. He has grown very fast and gets along well with all the other fish. His favorite food is trout pellets and freeze-dried cockle. He hides a lot behind a large peice of slate leaned against the back wall, only coming out during the evenings and mornings or to eat.

Contributed by Henry Andrus

I bought a royal knife (26 cm) and a clown knife (20 cm) recently and I love them to bits. They are like my children, and they get along so well. They are food shy, they won't eat while I am standing there looking at them. I give them ox heart and live fish. Ten minutes and everything is gone. Thanks to this website, I found the most amazing fish in this world!

Contributed by Annemarie Smit

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