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Botia dario
Bengal Loach

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Botia_dario_2.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Karl Ruehs

Name: Botia dario
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India, Bangladesh
15 cm 100 L 6.8 26C


I have 4 of these entertaining characters in a 200 litre aquarium. They settled in immediately on introduction to a newly set up aquarium. They do not bother the other residents apart from a cursory vacuuming every now and then. Their fluid movement around the tank at all levels is great fun to watch as they move in unison, appearing to play tag with each other. I feed them dried flake food (TetraMin) which they eat from the surface and they also scavenge around the sand amongst the plants. They enjoy being able to hide in hollows, but I would not call them shy fish.

Contributed by Keith Noble

Originally found in abundance in the rivers of Bangladesh, due o indiscriminate fishing and recent keeping in aquariums, this species is declining in the wild. Does not breed in aquariums or closed spaces. This is an excellent fish to have in aquariums. A great cleaner of gravel wastes. This fish is also very timid and does not survive long with aggressive species as some cichlids. Loves to hide behind plants or stones in the daytime. Once it gets habituated to a aquarium, it is very playful. Best kept in groups of 4-8.

Contributed by Moin H. Mahmood

I bought a bengal botia about three months ago and it is doing just fine. When I first got him, he came down with some Ich and spread to all the other loaches (I have two clowns, two sergeant major botias, one yoyo, two skunks, two kuhlis, and one zebra), but I took care of the problem in my quarantine tank. Cured real quick and seems to be fine and real hardy. Another great loach.

Contributed by Dave

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