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Mikrogeophagus altispinosus
Bolivian Ram, Altispinosa

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Photo Credit: Jan Winspear

I have a pair of Bolivians in my community tank which also includes Blue Rams. They are really old (over 4 years). They never attack the other fish but the male sometimes bites the female. They do well with large fish as well as really small ones.

Contributed by Tom

I have two of these fish going in my 312 L tank and they make a great impression on me. I bought them three weeks ago and last night they started laying eggs all over a root next to my heating element. Considered to be a little difficult to breed, it's quite a kick for me as a complete newbie to see this. :)

Contributed by Stina Engerud

I have had a Bolivian Ram for the past 4 months in a 40 L tank with 2 cory cats and some white cloud mountain minnows. This cichlid stays in the bottom third of the tank, which has a sand substrate, and will only take food from the bottom. He is just 5 cm in size, but he prefers sinking pelleted food to flake. The tank has some rocky hideouts, but he seems to prefer sheltering under the plants or being out in the open. So far he gets along very peacefully with his tankmates. I have kept Blue Rams in the past and mine is not quite as colorful as those, but it is a cute fish that I would recommend to anyone.

Contributed by a visitor

I have 5 Bolivian Rams in my tank (130 liters), and I couldn't be more happy with them. This is an exciting species of fish, they often follow you wherever you are around the tank. I have two, possibly three males, all with dazzling colors...some with spots of blue, orange, red, and black. I have only noticed them breeding once, with all the brood hatching then being gobbled up by swordtails that are also in the tank. Along with the bolivians I have a pleco, 2 swordtails, a dwarf frog, and some neons which unfortunately were eaten by them. All in all, these are wonderful fish, one which I would recommend to anyone who loves the hobby.

Contributed by Dave Lafalce

These are the most peaceful dwarf cichlid. I have tried other dwarfs, but I have had other fish die bitten by them when they were breeding. Even my beautiful Blue Rams did this. I have bred these Bolivian Butterfly Rams (also called Chinese Rams) in a community tank and they would only run at the other fish to protect their babies, never bite them. They are small, but with personality. A beautiful and extremely peaceful/easygoing fish. I just love them!

Contributed by Jessica

I have owned a Bolivian Ram for about 8 months, during which time he has lived with a variety of blue and gold rams, dwarf gouramis, SAE and neons. I can honestly say that he has never previously harassed or bullied any of these fish. However, I recently put him in a 30 L tank (pH 7.5, KH 3, GH 12), which contained lava rock and Java fern on bogwood. Initially all was well, but I soon noticed that without any company he became withdrawn and started hiding. Believing I had the perfect solution I went out and bought another male Bolivian Ram to keep him company. What a mistake, he has spent the last few day bullying and pestering the other male, who has taken to hiding in the Java fern and dare not come out to eat. I feel that I will have to take some drastic measures soon if they don't sort themselves out, as at this rate the new addition will die of either hunger or stress. My advise to anyone thinking of buying one of these little beauties, is to only keep them as part of a larger group (either their own species or different species) or keep them in a large tank with plenty of plant cover etc. Other than that, they are a great addition to any community tank.

Contributed by Nick Ward

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