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Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
Black Skirt Tetra, Black Widow Tetra

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Photo Credit: Otavio Roberto

I have had my 110 liter tank for a while, and got a Black Tetra. He was always shy, and then I read that they are schooling fish. I went to get more buddies for him, but I could only find the long finned variety. The 3 I got victimized him for a while, and then he finally got fed up with it. I woke up one morning, and turned on my aquarium light, he was appearing to be the new leader and got food first all of the time. All of my Tetras seem to get along with a male Betta and an Angel. Also, they exibit some strange behaviors around feeding time. Here's pretty much what happens. I'll walk up to the tank. My Angel will swim to the top first. I drop a pinch of flake food in. Everybody goes for this except the Tetras.

Contributed by Garren King

These fish are so cool. I have 3 of them in my community tank. I think 2 are female and the third is a male. The females swim around by themselves and the male tags along sometimes. These fish are very hardy and great for beginners. They also come in a long-finned variety, but I haven't gotten any yet. I would suggest these fish for anyone. They are just great!

Contributed by Dustin

I have 5 black tetras along with neons, rosy barbs, and a little oto algae eater in a 110 liter tank. At first I didn't like the black tetras because they were constantly picking on each other. Small ones picked on big ones and big ones picked on small ones. None of this gets out of hand, and they pretty much leave the other fish alone. What really amazes me is how hardy these fish are. I just started this hobby a few months ago, and despite my best and most conscientious efforts (not to mention my 20 piece chemistry set) I've lost a few fish of every type, except for the black tetra. Those little guys could swim around in gasoline. I have noticed that once I got my water hardness and pH down to an acceptable level that their color really started to come out. It's very pretty-mine have a little bit of a violet sheen to them. Even their bullying of each other has simmered down over time.

Contributed by Scott Gearhart

I had this one fish for about 5 years and I wasn't sure what kind it was, but I belive it is the long finned version of the black tetra. Its fins are really nice and large. Just as big and soft as any fighting fish I have seen in a pet store. Back when I didn't know as much about fish care as I do now my tank had several battles with Ich and fungus. While most ended up dying (even after using "treatments") this fish has survived. This fish seems to be really tough. At least mine is. He is doing just fine in my tank. The pH is actually 7.2 and the temp is 27C. Site lists this fish as 23C, but my fish seems to be doing great. (I've maintained this temp in the tank for about 6 years and for the five years he's been in it he seems to be as lively and as happy as can be. He stays in the front half of the tank showing off his fins. I have considered moving him to a tank with a lower temp of 23C or as this site might suggest, but I'm affraid to disturb his settings. I want this fish to live a long time. The 230 liter hexagon tank it's in is shared with a few swordtails and molly's, as well as 2 "blueberry" tetras and 2 "red eye" tetras.

Contributed by Kurt

I bought 2 of the long finned ones almost 3 years ago. One died but the other is still quite healthy. He doesn't get along with my Blue Gourami at all. The gourami will chase him around and fin nip him. The Tetra only comes out from hiding if the gourami is out of the tank.

Contributed by Matt Koster

PLEASE get schools of these fish! If your fish is hiding all the time, it's because he needs friends. These fish do not hang out alone in nature and will thrive if you put them in schools of six or more.

Contributed by April Hoffmann

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