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Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
Black Neon Tetra

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Hyphessobrycon_herbertaxelrodi_2.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Mato Grosso (Brazil)
4 cm 40 L 6.7 25C


I just got a few of these nice little fish, thought I'd share a few observations. The name "black neon" is a serious misnomer. Not only are these fish a completely different species from real neon tetras, they really don't look much like their red-and-blue cousins. The only similarity is the color marking patterns. They also seem to get a bit larger than neons, and their body structure is different. If anything, they remind me more of cardinal tetras. That said, they are very pretty, with their black and green coloration. Use subdued lighting to really show off their colors. They definitely prefer a school of at least 5 fish. Very peaceful and undemanding.

Contributed by Frankie

The black neon is a great little schooling fish. They eat blood worms and also shrimp pellets which I feed my corys. Buy a school and they will reward you with their funny little games they play. They love to swim in front of the outlet valve in my tank, so they like fast moving currents. They look best under indirect lighting, so floating plants will make these fish look their best. Buy a school and watch them play. ;)

Contributed byDuffman

I have a South American Tank setup. In it I house 13 Black Neon tetras, 11 glowlight tetras, 9 Neon tetras, 7 Silver dollars, 10 corys and 7 dwarf suckermouth catfish. The Black Neons are the most peaceful, they never harass any of the other fish in the aquarium nor do they fight among themselves. I try to keep their water soft and the fish have plenty of plants, rocks, and driftwood to simulate there natural envirnment. I think the Black Neon is one of the prettiest Characins out there, too bad it is not always available. If you can find these fish, buy at least 8 so you can enjoy their beauty and behaviour.

Contributed byNelson Alger

I have a small shoal of the 'Black Neon Tetra' and adore their cheeky personality and peacefulness. The Black Neon Tetra is a placid, but beautiful Characin. This fish (like most other small tetras) requires the company of it's own species to thrive (you should keep 5 or more fish per tank preferably). They should be kept in the community aquarium (or species aquarium) with other small, peaceful species. I feed mine on slightly crushed flake food, freeze dried daphnia, peas (washed) and tubifex worm. This fish overall is peaceful, inquisitive, colourful, easy to care for and pleasing to the eye. Wonderful!

Contributed byGraeme

If you don't already own some of these little fish, then you are being deprived of one of the best small fish for the aquarium. The neon strip is much more beautiful than that of the neon tetra and if your surface cover creates pockets of shade, when this fish swims from shade to light, the colours flash in brilliance. To see this fish in it's best health, a school of at least six is recommended, to give them company and others to play their funny little games. Breeding is easy, mine breed even when I haven't changed anything to meet breeding requirements. These are active and hardy fish, a great addition to any community.

Contributed byPhillip Turnbull

This is a great schooling fish to add to any tropical aquarium. They get rather large for a "neon" and have great coloration. They seem to stay in the mid to upper levels, unlike my glowlights and neons that stick to the mid/lower section. I have 12 and they chase each other and the danios all day. Wonderful fish, especially for those worried about them getting eaten by larger fish.

Contributed byTJ Price

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