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Betta pi
Pi Betta

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Betta_pi_1.jpg (16kb)
Photo Credit: Taylor

Name: Betta pi
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Thailand
12 cm 80 L 6.0 26C


I have one of these in a 40 liter tank with a couple of corydoras. Gustav lives very peacefully with them. Whenever he sees me, he floats to the top to greet me - sometimes he's not even hungry, he just wants to say hi. When I bought him, he was a kind of dull dark blue coloring, but after a few days of being in his new home, he developed green and red markings, and his blue is much brighter. An excellent fish, but keep him in something at least 20 liters - he would be miserable in less. He appears to be OK in most water conditions.

Contributed by Laurel

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