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Bedotia geayi
Madagascar Rainbowfish, Red-Tailed Silverside

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Bedotia_geayi_1.jpg (14kb)
Photo Credit: Kate Claxton

Name: Bedotia geayi
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Eastern Madagascar
15 cm 150 L 7.4 24C


Bedotia geayi have much longer, slimmer bodies than the Melanotaenia rainbows. Adult males have brightly orange/red coloured fins and commonly reach 15 cm when adult, females are darker colours and stay smaller at around 10 cm. These fish, as with most rainbows, are highly active and require a lot of swimming space - at least a 200 L tank. They are happier with a current to swim in - streamlined swimming being exactly what their slim bodies are designed for! Feeding is as for all rainbows - a variety of foods, flake and live, with the addition of vegetable matter.

These rainbows can be nippy and aggressive - particularly with smaller fish. It is NOT recommended to keep them with smaller or top-dwelling fish. In my experience the Madagascan rainbows are the quietest of my rainbow shoal - normally when the food goes in there is a MAD dash to the feeding hole, but the Madagascan rainbows seem to approach things at a more sedate pace. This behaviour, however, is the EXCEPTION to the norm, and caution must be exercised when choosing suitable tankmates.

Some of the other rainbows occasionally chase each other, but my Madagascan pair prefer to occupy the very top layer of the tank and ignore the childish goings-on! :-) I love the colours on the fins of the male - when the light catches them they are almost flame-like. Highly recommended for the larger, well-planted tank.

Contributed by Kate Claxton

I have a spawning pair of beautiful Madagascar rainbowfish. I have 20 fry with new ones coming every day. The first month's spawn was a surprise, only one fish made it but he is now almost 3 cm long. I did a water change and put a sponge filter on the Fluval intake tube. My male took over the Columbian Tetra tank, so I put him in with my Mississippi Map turtle. About two weeks later, I added a nice female with him and the turtle and now they are working on a very large family! The turtle isn't interested in fish, only Superworms, turtle diet, and steak. Once I added a spawning mop, floating at the top, the next day I found golden eggs! Amazing!

Contributed by Rick Seykoski

I made the mistake of buying only one as a trial. She was well behaved in the upper water levels, but looked unhappy until I got 5 more tankmates. Always get at least three playmates for companionship.

Contributed by Richard Scott

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