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Astyanax jordani
Blind Cave Tetra, Blind Cave Fish

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These fish are amazing. They will be the first to any food that you place in the tank even though they cant see it. Never at rest and always on the move they are great fish to add that bit of activity. However be aware that they can get quite greedy and stop some of your slower fish from getting the food they need.

Contributed by David Goodwin

I have 5 of these Blind fish. They are pretty cool. They can get stuck though, going up and down a small section of wall. They are very quick and feisty fish come feeding time. They have not attacked any of my fish yet.

Contributed by Johnny H

I have 2 of these blind monsters. My fancy guppies have been mysteriously dying one by one, never knew what it was until I saw the blind cave fish randomly swimming past and taking a snap at the poor guppies, seen it a few times since. They don't need to touch a fish to know it's there, they can sense it nearby and when they do they try and grab it. The marbled hatchets are way too fast though. Also, my clown pleco died recently, possibly from starvation. Every time pleco wafers are put in, the 2 cavefish devour them in minutes, eating so much it literally won't fit in. Interesting fish, mine eat anything except flakes! Maybe it's because they can't see anything being dropped in the tank, hehe.

Contributed by Ross M

I had an experience watching the growing up of a blind cave tetra from 2.5 cm reaching 7 cm in length. The larger the fish became, the more problemic its behaviour. From my experience the blind cave tetra was greedy when it came to food. The thing that amazed me about it was the speed it reached the food, and could make even the seeing fast fish look slow. The major problem was it had a bad tendency to bite anything it bumped into. Unfortuately its behaviour left marks or even killed other tankmates left behind. Soon members of my blind cave tetra tank started to look like a casualties in a hospital. From my experience, best tankmates are the ones who can handle fin nipping attempts (e.g. barbs and danios) or to keep them on their own. They are tough and can handle poor water quality. The thing I will miss in not having blind cave tetras anymore is vistors looking at the fish and saying "what freak or ugly fish is that?" Especially when vistors realise the fish has no eyes.

Contributed by Joshua Hansen

I bought 3 of these fish for a small 40 liter planted with valisneria. In about a week there were no more plants - just a barren wasteland. They also harrassed and ate my Otos. It was the biggest mistake of my fishkeeping hobby. It ruined my tank so I tore it down. I would never recommend these tetras to anybody!

Contributed by Jonathon

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