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Aplocheilus lineatus
Striped Panchax Killifish, Golden Wonder Killifish

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Aplocheilus_lineatus_1.jpg (25kb)
Aplocheilus lineatus "Golden Wonder"
Photo Credit: Gustavo Silva

Name: Aplocheilus lineatus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India
10 cm 100 L 7.0 27C


These are very beautiful fish. They are always swimming on the surface, but if the tank is planted they swim through them. Very hardy and will live in any average maintained tank. Watch out, they are jumpers and a fall will normally be fatal for them.

Contributed by Jitendra Shevade

I have three of these, two female and one male I think. The male is very bright yellow. I have had the male for two years and he jumped out of the tank a few times and still lives. The females I have only had for about a year. I am very careful not to open the lid too high at feeding time so they do not jump out. They all live in a 150 L tank with angels, silver dollar tetras, serpae tetras and zebra danios. They will eat very small fish just like angels do.

Contributed by Kathy

I've had my golden wonder for about two years now. He stays just below the surface of the water, and, as they are jumpers, a tightly fitting hood is a must. He seems to appreciate the floating water wisteria I added as cover, as this makes him feel more secure, and less likely to jump when startled! It is important to note that these fish are predatory and will hunt and eat anything that will fit in their mouth. Mine lives in a 140 L tank with pearl gouramis, large Colombian tetras, a clown pleco, etc. Basically any peaceful fish that are obviously too large to fit in its mouth will be OK with the golden wonder, i.e., no neons or small danios or they will be lunch. I discovered that when I tried adding a few danios and had to remove them because the golden wonder hunted them ruthlessly, despite the dense plant cover and the fact that he had been fed recently. Mine eats any floating food (flakes, small cichlid pellets) and some frozen foods, but his favorite is small crickets! This is a lovely fish with a lot of attitude, so enjoy!

Contributed by Karen

I have had these killifishes for a long time. They are quite larger than various other killifishes and are predatory. They will hunt any fish small enough to fit in their mouth. Males are territorial to other males, but are less aggressive than other killifishes. A tight cover on the tank must be provided as these fish can jump up to long heights, just as arowanas, to obtain food. They should be kept with comparatively bigger peaceful tankmates such as gouramis, angelfish, silver dollars, etc, which are big enough not to fit in the killifishes' mouth.

Contributed by Avaneesh

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