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Apistogramma macmasteri
Macmaster's Apisto, Red-Tailed Dwarf Cichlid

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Apistogramma_macmasteri_1.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: André Kikinger

Name: Apistogramma macmasteri
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Rio Orinoco Basin
6 cm 60 L 6.5 25°C


These little fellas seem to really vary in personality. I had a pair that lived happily among a school of around 30 neon tetras and even managed to put up with a pair of breeding kribensis. My other community tank was missing that cichlid charm and I decided to buy myself another macmasteri...and boy did I regret it. It ripped a red rainbow's fins off and managed to tear 6 zebra danios apart. I sold him back to the dealer the next day and purchased another. Strangely, this one was extremely peaceful. Odd, I suppose that's just the way it goes.

Contributed by Sam Driver

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