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Apistogramma gossei
Gosse's Apisto, Brilliant Dwarf Cichlid

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Photos & Comments

Apistogramma_gossei_1.jpg (14kb)
Apistogramma gossei (female)
Photo Credit: Heidge Fukumasu

Name: Apistogramma gossei
Origin: Oyapock/Approuague Rivers

Size Tank pH Temp
5 cm 40 L 6.5 25C


This species spawned quite easily in a South American community tank (pH 6.3, Temp 24C, very soft water). The spawning pair became much more aggressive once the fry were free swimming, ultimately killing a small corydoras who continued to invade their territory.

Contributed by JW Hughes

I purchased three of these apistos for my 300 L planted community tank. The male was extremely aggressive, quickly killing one of the females. He continued to harass the other female and all the other peaceful fish I had in the tank to the point where I returned him to the LFS in frustration. The lone female is peaceful to her other non-apisto tank mates and displays interesting behavior, making her quite entertaining to observe. She swims through the tightest of crevices in the knarled driftwood, pecking for loose food and hunting for shrimp in the dense Sagittaria grass. I decided to try adding another apisto male. However, now she is the queen of the tank and chases the male to the surface whenever she sees him. Based on these observations, I conclude that the A. gossei leans heavily to the aggressive/territorial side of the Apistogramma behavior spectrum.

My advice, if you want to introduce this Apistogramma species into your tank, is to overstock, observe, and then remove. Start with two males and two or three females. See which ones get along and return the hostile ones (remember, cichlid behavior changes drastically during their breeding cycle). Or do some research and find a less hostile Apistogramma species. I've also kept A. agassizii, which is not nearly as aggressive and territorial as the A. gossei, and just as interesting to watch.

Contributed by Sean Tuttle

A few months ago I got bought a few kribs and rams from my LFS, and found this little guy in the group. I'd been curious what kind of fish it is, but I must say that it's very peaceful. I have it with some peaceful cichlids and it fits right in: angels, severums, a festivum, rams and peaceful as cichlids get. Quite a curious little guy, who generally sticks to the bottom of the tank and avoids others. Anyone with a peaceful/dwarf cihclid tank would be grateful to have one!

Contributed by Vincent D

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