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Apistogramma gephyra
Gephyra Apisto

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Apistogramma_gephyra_1.jpg (16kb)
Apistogramma gephyra (male)
Photo Credit: Heidge Fukumasu

Name: Apistogramma gephyra
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Rio Negro (Amazon)
4 cm 40 L 6.0 26C


Wow, what an awesome little cichlid. This is my favorite dwarf cichlid by far. I have found these little fish to be very peaceful; they just want to mind their own business, eat, and move substrate around. I have a pair that I recently moved from a 40 liter to a 200 liter, and they have been busily bustling around moving substrate and circling their to-be nest site. I have had this pair for almost 6 months, and have never had any agression out of them. They are kept with two angels, a dwarf gourami (who swims in and out of their territory day and night, and they don't even nip at him, they just flare up their fins), cory cats, and 7 zebra danios. A very cute little fish for the beginner dwarf keeper!

Contributed by Megan Johnson

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