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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

I've had my angelfish for about a year now. It's a beautiful fish that likes to swim slowly around my community tank. It will eat just about anything, including flakes, bloodworms, shrimp, etc. It can be a bit aggressive toward my Dwarf Flame Gourami, but the gourami can more than defend itself. I would recommend angels to anyone with a tall enough tank without other aggressive fish in the tank.

Contributed by Valeen Gonzalez

I now have six angelfish and I think they are fantastic fish. They are very social fish and they are very easy to keep. Mine always swim back and forth at the front of my tank and watch me when I come into the room. Whenever I show them a food container they jerk around like crazy. They are always hungry and will accept any food I give them. Angelfish are very tame and calm and will allow you to touch them. They leave the rest of the tank inhabitants alone and only occasionally chase each other around. When breeding however, they become very aggressive and territorial towards each other, and will shred each other's fins. Even the breeding pair becomes aggressive towards each other. Unfortunately when my angelfish laid their eggs on the filter powerhead, they were eaten within several hours, so it is best to put them into another tank. I would recommend these fish to anyone.

Contributed by Oscar Alston

I have 4 angels in my 110 L tank (2 silver angels and 2 koi angels) along with other South American fish, a gourami and harlequin rasboras. I think they are very intelligent fish, they will always swim to the side of the tank where I'm sitting and dance around in front of the glass. For a long time before I got my first angels (koi), I was trying to decide whether or not to get some because I've heard a lot about them being aggressive fish. They are the complete opposite! They really like frozen bloodworms. Being the biggest fish in my tank apart from the gourami, they will take big bunches of the worms and swim in reverse all over the place shaking the blood worms loose as they go, almost as if to help the smaller fish. They are very curious and are the most interested in new fish that arrive. Sometimes they will retreat to corners in their pairs and examine the heater or filter. I keep the water teperature at about 24-26C and I'm not sure what the pH is. The angels seem very happy and their colours are great. I would recomend them to anyone needing character in their tank!

Contributed by Christi

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