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Ameca splendens
Butterfly Splitfin, Butterfly Goodeid

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Ameca_splendens_1.jpg (27kb)
Ameca splendens female giving birth
Photo Credit: Fábio Yamaoka

Name: Ameca splendens
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Jalisco (Mexico)
10 cm 80 L 7.2 28°C


I have a colony of 10 adults and too many juveniles/fry to count! One male is dominant and has much more color than the other males. I feed mine a diet heavy in vegetable matter flake with an occasional meaty matter flake. This species is very colorful and energetic, best kept in at least a 100 L tank to allow for their family shoal structure. This species is nearly extinct in the wild, its only hope is the dedicated hobbyist.

Contributed by Ben Slocum

I bought a juvenile pair of these years ago at my LFS after I was told that they eat beard algae. There was no significant reduction in algae levels, but as the fish grew they became very aggressive. After they tore the fins of a glowlight tetra I returned them to the store. My LFS said they'd had lots of complaints and haven't restocked them since.

Contributed by Daniel McGillis

I have two males and two females of this species in a 75 L show (tall) tank, and they are absolutely wonderful! They are somewhat picky at feeding time, but I try to offer them as wide a variety as possible to ensure they get proper nutrition. Yes, they really do love their algae, and duckweed, and they nibble a little bit on my live plants. They are curious and amusing fish; they love to come up to the glass and stare back at me when I watch them. They are absolutely NOT aggressive. I had 17 danio fry in the tank they were in, and the Amecas did not bother them at all. Perhaps Amecas become aggressive if kept with nippy fish, but in general these fish are so peaceful they don't even eat their own young.

Contributed by Monica

I had 18 of these in a 340 liter tank and they are one of the best fish I have ever owned. The males were just gorgeous. The previous owners kept them with neon tetras and they beat them up. These are one of the most active fish in the hobby, but should only be kept with hardy fish such as cichlids, although mine did just fine with a pearl gourami.

Contributed by Thomas

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