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Corydoras spp.
Albino Cory Cat

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Tom Lay

Of all the cory species, these guys rank right up there among the friendliest with the most personality. I have had a trio of them for almost a year now (photo above) and they are very outgoing and seemingly afraid of nothing. I have two males and one big momma female and they spawn almost every time I do a water change. They go nuts over frozen bloodworms and algae tabs, which they have to compete with two hungry Apple Snails for.

Contributed by Tom Lay

I picked up 2 of these guys, they where a little fin nipped...and not very happy in the store...but once in my tank they healed really quick. They are very active and clean the bottom very well. They also relish shrimp pellets.

Contributed by Alan Volpe

I have kept four of these fun and curious creatures in both my goldfish and tropical fish tank. They are a very good indicator, like shrimp, how good is you water condition. If they don't swim around and scavenge for food then there is probably something wrong with your water condition. However, they are very hardy fish. They are happiest when they are kept in more than two. They will happily eat up all uneaten food. It is a nice addition to your tank.

Contributed by Karl Chen

Well I have albino corydoras and I think they are the best. They have the best nature, it is the only type of fish I haven't had a problem with. Once my tank got a disease and the only fish to survive were my two corydoras. The others all died way too fast before I realised what went wrong. That was over a year ago and they are still doing great. I have been working at a petshop for almost two years now and not once did we put the corydoras in a different tank. We keep them all together and they are healthy and happy and I always recommend them to all people that are starting a new fish tank.

Contributed by a visitor

I had one that lived for 7 years without any special care, special food, or anything. Great bottom feeders that get along with anything that doesn't pick on them. In fact, when I said get along with anything, I meant anything. They are the only species I know of you can keep in the same tank as fry of any breed. I think everyone should have one, they are so cute!

Contributed by Donna Miller

I have to say, of all the fish I've owned, these two are the best ever! They hang with each other quite a bit and seem very fond of each other! They are very active and cute, and seem to like to watch people. I'll look over at them and they'll be side by side looking at me! They definitely like to eat and I agree they really enjoy shrimp pellets, but also love the flake food that falls to the bottom. I've not done well with a few of the other cories, but these are really wonderful for my community tank.

Contributed by Amy Stephens

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