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Corydoras spp.
Albino Cory Cat

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Name: Corydoras spp.
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: South America
6 cm 50 L 7.2 24C


I have two Albino Cories and they are the most lively fish I have in the tank. They dart around everywhere, they seem to be playing chasey with each other. I also have two Bronze Cories and they do participate in the games as well. The Albinos are a delight to watch.

Contributed by Maria

I have kept Albino Corys all of my fish keeping days and these catfishes are the best out of all the corys I have bought. I recently have been interested in breeding these fish and I am also interested in cross breeding them with a bronze or green cory. Because the bronze is the same species as the albino. All in all this is a great catfish for beginners and the expert. They take gulps of air from the top which I think is fun to watch, but my Cory always splashes me :-)

Contributed by Woosung Park

These fish are very playful. They will thrive with at least 3 of their own kind. One of mine would flip upside down to suck up brine shrimp, while they other would settle for sinking shrimp pellets.

Contributed by Michael Hoops

This fish has been a wonderful addition to our 150 liter tank. Originally I purchased a pair of Albino's but lost one of them (unknown cause of death) within the first 2 weeks. The survivor has been doing just great and has really grown in just the 3 months that I've had it. It hangs out with the two Bronze Cory's in the tank quite a bit, but the pair of Fin Blotch Aspy Cats tend to keep to themselves and hide except for feeding time. It has a ravenous appetite and when not sleeping on the bottom of the tank, is continually searching for food on the bottom floor. They eat anything and especially like sinking pellets and the small sinking algae wafers. They are adorable when they jet around the tank and race to the top for a gulp of air. My Albino is the most energetic of all the Cory's that we have and is a real joy to watch. I am going to be getting another mate for my survivor here pretty soon and would strongly recommend adding the Albino Cory Cat to any community tank.

Contributed by Jana Enos

I recently set up a small tank with lushly planted vegetation and included several Neon Tetras, Cherry Barbs and Takashi Amano shrimps. But the most interesting occupant that I found is an Albino Cory I just added into my tank. A hyperactive fellow, which I thought initially that it was just not used to the tank, but after weeks, he remained so. He was simply restless and loved to swim from edge to edge of the tank, and chasing its reflections in the tank constantly, even when the aquarium lights are off. Nevertheless, he is a fun guy to watch, and with the sound of him gulping air from above, he really contributed to the liveliness of my new tank (except that he kept uprooting a few of the dwarf Sagittaria which I planted from time to time, but I know it's because I didn't plant it deep enough).

Contributed by Steven Lee

Albino Corys are very interesting. I've had 3 of them now for around 9 months. They were just babies when I got then and have already grown to around 5 cm. These little guys are EXCELLENT for keeping your bottom clean. The tiny 'whiskers' feel deep down in the gravel for food. The albinos I have often play with each other and with other fish. They will swim up and down very quickly and also back and forth in a 'chasing game'. Sometimes I think they are imitating the Danios. One Cory I have is fascinated with the fake plants in my tank. I'll often observe him upside-down playing with the air bubbles that have been caught on the leaves underside. When you look closely at their eyes they will often look right back at you. They are not shy and will stay out in plain view most of time. These are really sweet little helpers!

Contributed by Danielle

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