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Salminus brasiliensis
Dorado, Dourado, Jaw Characin

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Salminus_brasiliensis_1.jpg (43kb)
Photo Credit: Guto Magina

Name: Salminus brasiliensis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Paraná, Paraguay & Uruguay Basins
100 cm 2000 L 6.8 20°C


Family: Characidae
Origin: La PLata basin
Size: a little over 100 cm; weighs up to 25 kg
Importance: gamefish, fisheries, control of fish in commercial breedings. Not indicated for home aquariums
Reproduction in captivity: induced by hormone injection.

Notes: Living in fast currents, it needs to swim up the rivers to mature its reproductive gonads (called piracema in Brazil), thus the need of hormone injection for captive breeding. A very appreciated gamefish, its occurrence in the Paraná basin has been threataned due to many dams. It has been maintained by means of artificial reproduction and release of fry. It is called Dourado in Portuguese and Dorado in Spanish, meaning Golden.

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