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Vieja zonata
Oaxaca Cichlid

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Vieja_zonata_1.jpg (27kb)
Photo Credit: Tim Horton

Name: Vieja zonata
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Tehuantepec River basin
25 cm 200 L 7.5 26C


Vieja zonata is a beautiful large cichlid that comes from Mexico. It can grow up to about 25 cm. My Vieja zonata is one of the most aggressive cichlids I have ever seen. He was originally in a 600 L tank with a large female managuense, a slightly smaller male midas and a few other large fish. He would constantly attack every fish in the tank. He is now the only fish in his own 200 L tank. This fish is not commonly found in the hobby, but is definitely one of the most attractive cichlids out there.

Contributed by Tim Horton

The Vieja zonata is, without a doubt, the single nastiest cichlid that I've ever owned. It has shredded and killed several fish that I've tried to keep with it - including a similar sized dovii and a slightly larger butikoferi - and this was in a 900 litre tank that contained much cover and a number of other fish. The only way I've managed to contain this fish is either solo, or with a Jag that is twice his size. NOT a beginner fish!

Contributed by Roy Clark

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