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Archocentrus sp. 'cutteri'
Cutter's Cichlid, Blue-Eye Cichlid

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Archocentrus_cutteri_1.jpg (31kb)
Photo Credit: Jeff Rapps

Name: Archocentrus sp. 'cutteri'
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Guatemala, Honduras, Belize
12 cm 80 L 7.3 24C


I was at a pet store when I saw one of these little guys in a tank full of convicts and salvinis. The fish guy couldn't say exactly what it was. I like anything different, so I wanted it. He sold it to me for the price of a convict: $3. Its face resembles a convict's so much that it seems like a cross between a convict and something else yellowish in color. The only difference between mine and the picture above is mine has long pointy fins, like a convict. The blue eyes in the picture is what made me decide that my fish is one of these. He has blue eyes, a yellow body with dark bars and purplish colors on his long fins. Same size and temperament as a male convict. If you like convicts, this fish is like the most beautiful convict you've ever seen.

Contributed by M. Kendall

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