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Amatitlania siquia
Honduran Red Point

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Amatitlania_siquia_1.jpg (28kb)
Photo Credit: Josh I

Name: Amatitlania siquia
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Honduras to Costa Rica
12 cm 100 L 7.3 24C


The Honduran Red Point full size is 15 cm. Like most american cichlids, they like pellets and fresh meat like worms, bloodworms and other fish. They like a temp of 24C or so, that is what I keep my tank at. They get a red color on their fins when they reach maturity. They look very much like convicts, but do not breed like rabbits in the way convicts do. They don't seem to dig as much as convicts. They may be harder to find than convicts. They are aggressive. My pair like to lock lips with my 2 Jack Dempseys and quarrel with them all the time. I really am happy with them as an addition to my tank.

Contributed by Josh I

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