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These are some of the past aquariums I have set up and tropical fish I've kept. Soon after I started keeping fish (20 years ago), I had about a dozen freshwater and marine tanks spread all over my parents' house, but I never got around to photographing any of them. By the time I got into college I was down to only one fish-only marine tank, and even this one was discontinued in 1994.

In 1996, already in graduate school, I restarted the hobby by giving my (then) girlfriend Raquel the 60 liter cardinal tank below for Christmas. From then on tanks just started popping up all over the place again, and so did the images since I was also getting into this "new" hobby of photography.

Nowadays Raquel and I are married and have since moved to the USA for a couple years, then recently moved to Japan where we've already been for 4 years, so these personal setups have been disassembled, sold or given to friends. Most of this section hasn't been updated for a several years...

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Note: For nostalgic reasons I decided to leave the design of these pages as they were back in 1997-1998, when this was the only section of the site ;-)

See this tank See this tank See this tank
55 liter Amazon Tank 200 liter Community Tank 100 liter Angelfish Tank

See this tank See this tank See this tank
30 liter Open Tank 300 liter Gourami Tank 60 liter Cardinal Tank

See this tank See this tank
250 liter Planted Tank 110 liter Cichlid Tank


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