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An aquarist, a fish, and a camera will sometimes meet in space and time to create a moment of rare magic, captured forever in a photo. This section contains a collection of submitted images that don´t quite fit in the other sections of the site, but are too rare or interesting to be left unpublished. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! If you believe you´ve caught a Magic Moment on camera, submit it together with a title and why you believe it´s a Magic Moment. But beware, this is the most difficult section to get a photo accepted! Beautiful but "normal" photos of fish are much more useful as additions to the Galleries.

Fish Photos Index

Winners of the January'06 Photo Contest - Brazilian Board
Surfer Oto by Javoski
Goooaaal! by Rui Estrelinha
Finger-Lickin' Good by Victor Borghi

Blenny Droid by Diogo Lopes
Bichir Bite by K. Carsten
Mouth Boxing by Görög Csaba
Mutual Interest by Illusia
The Kiss Test by Goran Globokar
Beggar Loach by Sue McDonald

Winners of the April'05 Photo Contest - Brazilian Board
Circus Gourami by Ricardo Assunçăo
Siamese Twins by Carlos Giovani
Ghost Flake by Amaury De Togni
Catch Me If You Can by Raquel Ribeiro

Crystal Ball by Andrea Penna
Christmas Tree by Luca Galarraga
Health Spa by Luca Galarraga
Bedtime Story by Luca Galarraga
Makeshift Hammock by Rafael Oliveira
Mimetism by Marcelo Drummond
Sterba's Speech by Mario Niepel
Help Me! by Shawna McGregor-King
Pushups by Munish Jauhar
World Peace by Pic Olio
Chameleon Texas by Munish Jauhar
The Apple King by Roberson
Baby Boom by Mark Edwards
Playing Dead by Mark Myszkewicz
For Your Eyes Only by Humberto Fabretti
Stranger in the Nest by JHP
Knot Good by Tom Fishgall
Future Fishkeeper by Manuel Jacobs
Going for the Kill by Amber Carter
Woodpeeker by Andy Isoft
Face the Devil by Tom Lay
Reflection of Myself by Rich Kirtley
Camouflage Silhouette by Wally Billingham
Making Friends by John & Gina
Goodbye Shrimp by Leandro Neme
Gentle Giant by Steve & Sharon
Glass Cradle by Karl Schoeler
Cave Lurker by Ann O´Mera
Guardian Mother by Ronaldo Hilgert
The Embrace by Andy Isoft
Vision of an Angel by Marcos Avila


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