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This section hosts a collection of assorted articles, related to several aspects of aquaria and fishkeeping. I hope they prove useful, and if you have any further questions feel free to place them in our Tropical Fish Forums.

Want to contribute? Submit your comments after reading an article, or contribute your own article! Write a page about any subject in the hobby that you know well, find interesting or wish to share with fellow hobbyists, then contact me and we'll set up the page!

Aquarium Articles Index

 Introductory Fishkeeping

  • Fishkeeping Glossary - several authors
    A quick reference guide for common expressions used by fishkeepers...

  • Fish in Captivity: The Moral Issue - by Marcos Avila
    Have you ever stopped to think whether what you're doing as an aquarist is right or wrong from the point of view of morality?

  • The Nitrogen Cycle - by Vany Devos, Tiago Beltrão and Marcos Avila
    Understand what happens in the first few weeks of your new tank, and why it´s so important not to add all the fish right away.

  • Fishless Cycling - by Shawna McGregor-King
    After learning what the Nitrogen Cycle is, here's how you can do it without stressing or killing any fish!

  • Silent Cycling in a Planted Aquarium - by Dusko Bojic
    Learn how to skip the ammonia and nitrite spikes altogether, and get a beautiful planted tank as an added bonus!

  • Basic Types of Filters - by Mark 'Ffishmaster' Lehr
    A summary of the most common options you have to keep your tank´s water quality in top shape.

  • Buying New Fish - by Marcos Avila
    How to improve their chances of surviving the move to your tank.

  • How Many Fish? - by Mark 'Ffishmaster' Lehr
    Take all those stupid 'Rules of Thumb' and flush them!

  • Understanding Fish Compatibility - by Mark 'Ffishmaster' Lehr
    Fish are fish, right? Wrong! You cannot simply go to the store and get any fish you like!

  • How to Catch my Fish? - by Dusko Bojic
    A few basic tips to make this inevitable part of the hobby easy on you and the fish...

  • Aquarium Basics: Partial Water Changes - by Haname
    One of the most frequent and most fatal mistakes made by beginners is to think that they need to "clean-up" the tank every now and then!

 Aquarium Fish Feeding

 Aquarium Water Chemistry

  • Basic Aquarium Water Parameters - by Scott Charles
    Wondering what those symbols found in tank and fish profiles are all about? Find your answers here!

  • Understanding pH - by Marcos Avila
    Any aquarium site worth its loading time should have at least one page dedicated to basic water chemistry. Here's mine :-).

  • Adjusting pH in the Freshwater Aquarium - by Mark 'Ffishmaster' Lehr
    Check out whether you really need to mess with you tank pH and, if so, learn how to do it right!

  • Chemical Filtration - by Scott Charles
    Learn more about this type of filtration to help decide whether you need it in your tank or not.

 Aquarium Fish Diseases

 Specialized Aquariums & Fish Groups

 Planted Aquariums

 Marine Aquariums

 Miscellaneous Aquarium Articles


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