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chocolate chip starfish
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PostPosted: 2003.03.09(Sun)11:24    Post subject: chocolate chip starfish Reply with quote

I purchased a chocolate chip starfish a few days ago. This morning when I got up I noticed a few of the chocolate chips had turned white and it seemed to be excreting something. I assumed it was dead so I tood it out of the tank with a net. However, it attached itself to the net. So I am not sure if it is alive. My question it alive? If so, what is wrong with it, and what do I need to do?
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PostPosted: 2003.03.09(Sun)12:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

Its probably alive, but not for long. Did anybody expose it too air? Starfish shouldn't be exposed to air. It can kill them. Plus a plethora of other things can kill a starfish. Starfish are pretty hardy once acclimated, but they are very very fragile in the transport process.
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PostPosted: 2003.03.09(Sun)13:17    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for your response. It was exposed to air when I thought it was dead and I took it out of the tank. I have placed in separate container of water now just in case. Is there any way to save it?
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PostPosted: 2003.03.16(Sun)12:16    Post subject: your chocolate chip star Reply with quote

It might be too late for me to say this, but I would have left the chocolate chip star in the original tank rather than put it into a separate container. I have found it nearly impossible to keep up the high water quality like you do in your 'big' tank and what helps all fish and invertibrates best is a healthy environment. I might have thought differently if this was a serpent or brittle star which can make a tank toxic upon death. I have been very happy with my chocolate chip. I have had some aggressive fish (since removed) take chunks out of them and then have eventually healed up nicely.
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PostPosted: 2003.03.17(Mon)19:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree with spk's statements here. If you do want to set up a sick tank to house and care for sick animals, it needs to be at least 10 gallons and have good circulation and heat; just putting it in a container is pretty much a death sentence for an animal that is already on its way out.
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