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Rubberlip/bulldog plecos
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2004.01.24(Sat)12:45    Post subject: Rubberlip/bulldog plecos Reply with quote

In my quest for bristlenose plecos, I now know that two petstores in my area carry them occasionally. One is a little store with a bunch of people hangin around in it,, though one guy knows quite a it about fish if you ignore his sarcasm. It seems that the head of the fish department is always having his day off whenever I call em.

The other is Petsmart(stuttering employees on the phone). They have no bristlenoses as of now, but rather what they call "rubberlip" plecos. My guess is that they have chaestoma sp. Rubberlip or "bulldog plecos". I think 2la mentioned them to be excellent algae eaters for planted tanks. Does anyone have anything they'd like to add? I'd also like to know if they breed as readily as bristlies or not, or about any weak spots they have. Planetcatfish mentions water quality.

Also, would you be able ot use a pair of each in one tank?(6 gallon bowfront).
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Joined: 04 Aug 2003
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: 2004.01.25(Sun)1:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

I once had a chaetostoma sp. thomsoni for a while. Very good fish, active at night, but a vigourous cleaner.

Tragically, he came down with ick when that big power outage hit Ontario last summer.

Nice fish, but very sensitive. I think it was the still water that weakened him. A day with no movement and he was floundering. Power came back on, and he seemed okay but then started developing ick in the space of a day or so.
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