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cycling the tank
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Joined: 26 Sep 2003
Location: new jersy

PostPosted: 2004.01.15(Thu)15:02    Post subject: cycling the tank Reply with quote

I have been cycling my tank for about two weeks I had to wait for the rock to cure and the amonia and nitrates are finnaly starting to go down still not at zero but headed that way. just the other day I noticed little brown patches of algae on my powerhead some of the live rock and on my protein skimmer. I understand algae blooms are going to happen but is there some way of speeding up the process so that they coraline algae will grow. also about how long should I leave the lights on for. and should I add carbon into my filter. also should I leave the protein skimmer running all the time even though there is nothing in the tank and yet another question. should I add trace elements just to the live rock or wait till I get live corals????

aquaclear 500 filter w carbon insert
180 watts of light 90 watts daylight 90 watts ultra acintic 3 watts of night glow lights
crushed coral gravel for the substrate
45 lbs of fiji live rock been curing for the past two to three weeks
salinity 1.0235-1.0234

thanks for the help
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Joined: 16 Feb 2003
Location: New Jersey, USA

PostPosted: 2004.01.19(Mon)6:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

Skimmer 24/7

Wouldn't speed up the cycle this far in just let it run its coarse.

Lights: I run mine 12 hours a day and I get good growth.

I'm of the carbon is good side of the tracks. Use it... but don't leave it in there for 3 months change it regularly.
Don't buy the fish before you know the fish.
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2004.01.21(Wed)10:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

The alge you are gettin is diatom alge everyone gets it. Do regular water changes, run your skimmer and so on it will eventually run its course. Sorry theres no way to speed it up its all part of the aging of the tank with actually takes about 6 months or more. For good corraline keep a good calcium level and alkalinity, that seems to help it grow. Most of the time it does not grow fast its another patience thing.

Id wait till after the cycle to add the carbon and run the skimmer. Also don't go pouring stuff in the tank like trace elements until you get things established a bit. You won't have much in there that uses them at first.
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