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pesky stomatapods ?? this ones for you pandora =),
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PostPosted: 2003.03.04(Tue)21:47    Post subject: pesky stomatapods ?? this ones for you pandora =), Reply with quote

hi guys !! I got a quick question about mantis shrimp's . When they attack and kill an invert do they leave a messy body behind or do they eat the whole thing ? I'm asking this because I've had a few mysterious fish and invert deaths in my new 40 gallon reef. The first such fatality was a perfectely healthy bangai cardinal . I found the body pretty descimated and stuck to my sump overflow . The damage on the flesh could have been done bye my hermit crabs but that doesent explain why it died. The latest casualty and the last straw in my book was a beautiful vibrant blood shrimp full of energy and zest . I noticed something was wrong when he didn't run to the front of the tank when I fed the other animals in the tank . When I inspected the spot where he lives I found his body rather decomposed and falling apart . It was to long in the water to tell if it was damaged by another animal but it was rather whole meaning not torn apart . the inhabitants at this time are as follows 1, 4'' maroon clown 1, 1/2" green chromis 1, 1" rainfords goby 5 red tip hermits, 3 dwarf zebra hermits, 2 scarlet hermits, 3 margarita snails, 2 astrea snails, 1 large abaloney, 2 banded trochus snails,3 cerith snails, with assorted LPS, softies, SPS, tridacnid clams, gorgonians, sponges, and feather dusters. water params are 0 nitrite, 0 ammonia, SG 1.025 nitrates 40.ppm rather high from the decomposing shrimp if this was that high when the shrimp was alive could that have killed it ? a few water changes with some help from the calerpa refuge and tridacnid clams will get that back to noramal. Other than that there's realy not much else to add if anyone has any ideah's let me know Sad TTFN
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PostPosted: 2003.03.04(Tue)23:46    Post subject: Reply with quote

The mantis will leave a dead body and pick at it. This is usually how they do it. I had a pretty large one 3 inches and it would do this.
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