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goldfish tank salt, filter, nitrate
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Joined: 05 Dec 2003

PostPosted: 2003.12.11(Thu)17:19    Post subject: goldfish tank salt, filter, nitrate Reply with quote

I messed up and forgot how much salt I put in my new 46gal freshwater tank. I added about three gallons of water from a well establised tank.
it clouded, cleared then over heated ( 80 defrees) then reclouded.

Is there a way to test it?
it is set up for 6 days nitrites are at
ammonia at less then .25
temp droping to 68 now at 76

temp is a problem in my house because I live in an attic. for some reason it got hot as heck yesterday and heated the tank. I also think I had the heater set rong or it overheated I am watching it,

fish in tank
2 gupies( number 3 died today)
2 Shubunkin goldfish bought to conditiont the tank

I have had tanks for year but am new to the nitrite testing thing. whats a good link to explaine it?

filters I am a little confused about filters.
I plan on puting goldfish in this tank and had hoped to use a Fluval underwater filter because
1) they are quite
2) I can not have water driping on the floor because I will get evicetd.
As it is my water eats though things and outside filters seem to last only a year or two before they start pumping water on the floor.

would a fluval work? are there better things to use that are not very noisy?
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.12.17(Wed)5:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

You could try a hydrometer there more for salt and brackish tank it may test your goldfish tank. There are plastic box type ones or floating glass one both are pretty cheap and easy to use. If you just set it up it may be clouded from cycling, this is called the ammonia bloom. You are showing ammonia chances are this is what your cloudiness is from. This happens happens quite often when your tank cycles.

Nitrites are all part of the nitrogen cycle. The 2 parts of the cycle that are toxic to fish are the ammonia and nitrites. Nitrites are the toxic form of nitrogen where nitrates are the non toxic form and the last of the cycle.

The nitrogen cycle

Nitrites can come in a master test kit or sold seperatly. Just about any company that makes test kits makes one for nitrites.

Do you have a thermometer on the tank? If your tank is overheating you could check into a chiller, if its overheating even without the heater.

All about chillers

How does your filters pump water on the floor? I've never actually heard of that unless somting cracks or breaks. Does the water back up in the filter?

There are a lots of types of filters out on the market its hard to say which is best.


Biological Filters: Your Options

Type of Filter Filter Medium Motive Power Location
Under gravel Aquarium gravel Air or motor driven Inside the tank
Sponge Synthetic sponge Air or motor driven Inside the tank
Trickle Ceramic or plastic rings Motor driven Outside the tank
Fluidized bed Sand Motor driven Inside or outside the tank
Canister Synthetic sponge, ceramic rings Motor driven Outside the tank
Rotating biological contactor (RBC) Cellulose fiber Motor driven Outside the tank

Here is a site that may help you it list all the types of filtration and how they work.
Aquarium filtration

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