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How long before I start seeing some algae..?
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New Members

Joined: 29 Nov 2003
Location: Florida

PostPosted: 2003.12.04(Thu)9:30    Post subject: How long before I start seeing some algae..? Reply with quote

Hey people.. Just about a day ago, I attached my new actinic lighting fixture to my 30g reef tank and also bought a couple live rocks.. (I also have a bunch of other rocks but they arent live).

Anyway, when will I actually start seeing some changes..maybe a little green algae or some other stuff...Also should the water temperature be warmer?? Right now its around 75 degrees throughout the day..

My tank is still in the cycling period also.. only been alittle less than two weeks now.. I have a couple blue damsels in there to help it cycle and they are doing great.

thanks for your input.. Smile
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New Members

Joined: 25 Sep 2003

PostPosted: 2003.12.05(Fri)19:43    Post subject: algae Reply with quote

you build it and the algae will tank did not see algae until after it cycled completely.bunch of brown algae and some red cyano.cyano is bad crap.the brown went thru a bloom,lasted until I got a don't really want it,it is unsightly.and everywhere.the algae came in a bloom.was everywhere.up until a couple of months ago I did not get any green.I have heard that a lil bit of green algae means that your tank is in pretty good health.also depends on how much sun reaches your all depends on a number of variables.when you go thru the brown cycle,don't fret because it will be everywhere.but if you take care of your tank properly,it should go away.oh ya,algae also feeds off unused fish food,so you need to keep that to a mininum too.others in here know a whole hell of a lot more than I do.keep asking and take the best care of your lil fish habitat as best as you can.also this is a link to another helpful forum.
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003

PostPosted: 2003.12.16(Tue)9:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

The alges start appearing soon after the cycle. There is a better way to cycle then damsels you can use peel and eat shrimp to cycle a tank. Cycling can be very harsh even on damsels some of them don't even survive sometimes. As far as the alges figure your bad alges to last at least the first 6 months or so you may get several of them.
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