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PostPosted: 2003.09.03(Wed)11:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

Java fern - world's easiest plant.

To grow, should be attached to a porous rock or bit of bog wood.
Attach with fishing line by looping the line around the rhizome a few times and tying against the bogwood or rock. Light can be low to moderate but needs to be at least 1 watt per gallon, 1.5 watts in a tall tank.

Sensitive to heavy metals. Black on leaves will result in the presence of heavy metals.

Liquid fertilizer- at low light levels use 1/10 of the recommended dose every month.

Photo period is important. 12 hours or more. Lights should come on at say 9 am if you want the lights to go out at 9 or 10 pm.

Calcium is an important element for this plant- make sure that there is plenty of calcium available. You can get this from coral, or liquid fertilizers.

Follow this and it'll grow. Growth is very slow at first.

Lots of luck!
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