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Treating for parasites...
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: San Jose, CA

PostPosted: 2003.09.01(Mon)15:14    Post subject: Treating for parasites... Reply with quote

So, I bought these four adult convicts to cycle my newest tank for me. The store was selling them for .99 each which is cheaper than Danios, so anyway...I bought them about 3 weeks ago and I noticed right away (too late to not buy them of course) that they all have white poop thing going on. I wouldn't describe it as exactly "stringy", but some of the bigger pieces are connected together by strands of something... I've observed them closely for the last few weeks for any other signs of illness, and there are none. They are seemingly very healthy and their normal pugnacious selves, paired off and breeding.

So my question is regarding the recommended treatment Metronidazole. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and administer it in light of the complete absense of all other symptoms. I should also mention that I am crash cycling this tank with the big load of convicts in a hurry to get it ready for some special fish I'm getting from Jeff Raps. I do want the tank to be in pristine condition two months from now when he is ready to ship them.

I really have no idea what parasite if any I am dealing with so, I am nervous about the plan of treatment. If there is even the chance that the tank will remain infected after the convicts are removed, then I'd rather break it all down and start over again...
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Houston TX

PostPosted: 2003.09.01(Mon)16:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL Tommy I've never heard about treating with Metronidazole. We at the vet prescribe that for diarreah in mammals. I should ask the doc about its use for fish. I'm not disputing your info, it's just I make up bottles of that every day and never thought about using it for fish treatment.

I've had fish exhibit that exact same white poop and never had anything come of it. If they aren't showing other signs of illness I would leave well enough alone.
"Feminae bene moratea historiam raro faciunt"
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Joined: 06 Feb 2003
Location: Houston, Texas

PostPosted: 2003.09.01(Mon)17:26    Post subject: Josh Kaptur wrote an article Reply with quote

I read Josh's article in the reference section of, You ought to find him to discuss it.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2003
Location: NY NY

PostPosted: 2003.09.02(Tue)10:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

For the uses of metronidazole in controlling Hexamita and other intestinal fish parasites, you could google "metronidazole fish" (without the quote marks of course) at

Will Convicts eat spinach? Sometimes more roughage will improve feces.
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