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Please help to identify this
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Joined: 15 Mar 2003
Location: new york

PostPosted: 2003.08.28(Thu)20:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was on lake Champlain and man were they gross, all of those dead mayflies in the water, it was disgusting, if you tried to go for a swim off the boat you had to dodge these huge tides almost of dead mayflies, what you described as being in your tank, I don't think are a mayfly, there are plenty of other aquatic bugs so keep looking for the right thing in there, but just a warning, a lot of those aquatic bugs can get big, and then eat small fish, so just keep an eye on the tank.

Also I was wondering, from what you described, it kindof reminded me of a dragonfly larvae, if it is, keep it away from your fish, they arent parasitic, but they are carnivorous and will eat the fish if they get big enough, just look up some dragonfly larvae because thats what they remind me of.
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The Old Salt

Joined: 01 Apr 2003
Location: Alabama

PostPosted: 2003.08.29(Fri)8:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

Are the legs all clumped together near the front, leaving the rest of the body long and legless?

Does this tail pulsate?
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Joined: 07 Feb 2003
Location: Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: 2003.08.29(Fri)9:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

Could it be this?
Damsel fly nymph?
Discus Man is gone... I remain... #6... I am not a number I am a free man!
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Joined: 20 Jun 2003
Location: Essex Jct, Vermont

PostPosted: 2003.08.29(Fri)10:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

The legs are clumped together towards the front of his body. And the only time that his tail would move (pulsate?) was when he would swim around. I use past tense, cause he had died overnight. Do you have a clue as to what it might be?

It looks similar to the picture you have, except his tail is solid (fan-like), and his eyes are white. I had seen different pictures like that when I was looking at Dragonflies and Damsels.

I know it's an insect of some sort, from all of the sites that I have visited. The closest is the picture that Discus had found. I'm assuming that he was probably on one of the plants that I purchased about a month ago. He was the only one that I found in the tank (55g). And like Tommy said, I've learned more about insects in the last 24 hours than I ever have.
I appreciate everything that all of you have been doing.
I want to wrap it up, and swim in it until I drown
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